A Game of Dice

...And A Bottle Of Rum [Session 1]

"I never make mistakes!"

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We open to find our GALLANT HEROES imprisoned in cells in Southhaven Prison. We hear a PROTESTING UNFORTUNATE being dragged kicking and screaming into an ARENA and the roars of a BAYING CROWD in the distance.

Another GUARD is berating our heroes for making too much noise. As he patrols the cells, AKTA (a TIEFLING) causes the door of the empty cell opposite to burst open. Startled, the guard stumbles backwards, and Akta deftly lifts his keys.

The GUARD leaves. AKTA unlocks her cell, and hands the keys to JACK (a HUMAN) in the next cell. JACK opens his cell, walks out and unlocks the rest. Our NEWLY-FREED PROTAGONISTS spill forth from their cells and creep around the end of the corridor.

They reach a SIDE ROOM, which alongside GRIM CADAVERS and DYING PATIENTS contains NEEDLES (a MANIC DOCTOR). Suprised, NEEDLES demands our heroes submit to his medical experiments.

NEEDLES is promptly beaten half to death by LAUSA (a HALF-ORC) wielding a BONE and finished off by NALA (a DWARF) with an eldritch blast, but not before LAUSA and JACK are injected with SEDATIVES. After arming themselves with SURGICAL EQUIPMENT, the party make to head back into the corridor. Unfortunately at this point their absence from their cells is noted, and more GUARDS arrive to search.

AKTA uses her magic to disguise herself as NEEDLES, and convinces the GUARDS to ignore the SIDE ROOM. Once they are past, our party leave and head down the corridor, freeing more prisoners. An alarm bell sounds. JACK tosses the keys to one of them and the party leave.

At the end of the corridor, LAUSA smashes through a door to be confronted by yet more GUARDS, protecting chests. They are quickly EVISCERATED and the chests SMASHED. The party recover their equipment and prepare as YET MORE GUARDS arrive. JARYK (a HUMAN) convinces the last remaining guard to let our UNLIKELY BAND OF MISFITS leave in exchange for his life, and the party heads out a back door.

They arrive in the WARDEN’S OFFICE. Behind a desk is the WARDEN, who spots AKTA (still disguised as NEEDLES) and cries out for his son as he is taken HOSTAGE at swordpoint. JACK demands the WARDEN take our heroes outside; the WARDEN agrees in exchange for his son not being harmed. The party share a look signifying DRAMATIC IRONY and agree.

The party burst out into a PACKED STREET. The WARDEN flees, and our heroes begin an EXCITING CHASE towards the docks, pursued by STILL MORE GUARDS. There they sight a SLOOP and together they press its DOWNTRODDEN CREW into service and cast off. JACK takes the ship’s wheel and there begins another EXCITING CHASE as AKTA spots a GALLEON manned by GUARDS unfurl its sails.

JARYK licks the crew into shape as NALA fires bolts of ELDRITCH ENERGY at the pursuers, while LAUSA pumps GUSHING WATER onto the deck to put out the FIRES started by FLAMING ARROWS. AKTA discovers the hold is filled with EXCEEDINGLY STRONG ALCOHOL, some of which is hauled up onto the deck.

The ALCOHOL is tied into a net and swung violently backwards, colliding with the GALLEON. This is enough to bring down its FOREMAST, and the sloop speeds off into OPEN WATERS and FREEDOM.

JACK finds a MAP OF THE SOUTH in the CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS, but with supplies low and a grumbling crew he charts a course to a HIDDEN COVE to hide and rest the night. JARYK asserts his authority as BOSUN, and the crew sail to the cove, leaving the ship under cover of darkness.

The cove is well sheltered, with no signs of civilisation, and contains a MYSTERIOUS CAVE as well as a path to the top of the cliffs. JACK and JARYK order the crew to fetch supplies and set up camp on the beach. Meanwhile LAUSA sets off hunting, while NALA and AKTA explore the MYSTERIOUS CAVE.

The dark contains little but a LONE CHEST (considered to be a CLEARLY OBVIOUS TRAP). After poking and prodding the chest is opened – it contains a LONE GOLD PIECE (this is also considered to be a CLEARLY OBVIOUS TRAP). Frustrated by the lack of OUTRAGEOUS RICHES, NALA and AKTA pick up the chest, revealing an OMINOUS HOLE beneath.

AKTA flies down into the OMINOUS HOLE, but discovers only a tunnel leading off into the darkness. Exercising ADMIRABLE CAUTION, she flies back up and reports and absence of anything useful.

Meanwhile LAUSA, seeing a CAMPFIRE in the distance, heads towards it. She is unfortunately spotted by UNHAPPY CAMPERS (HUMANS, ELVES, and a DRAGONBORN), who accost her as she approaches and demand that she leaves.

JACK tells everyone to get some sleep, as they will be leaving at THE CRACK OF DAWN. As everyone else is preparing to leave, AKTA once more descends into the OMINOUS HOLE. There she hears some MYSTERIOUS FIGURES discussing the PEOPLE ABOVE. Deciding to leave well enough alone, she reports back. It is resolved that before they leave, the party will nobly and gallantly RAID the camp before the CAMPERS awake, and potentially DESCEND into the OMINOUS HOLE if there is time.


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