A Game of Dice

Session 11

After talking down the Emperor’s guards by hinting at a greater threat that had killed both kings, the party traveled to the next town, where the corpse was preserved. After a quick bit of shopping, they traveled on to capital.
After being presented to the new Emperor, Drax, and explaining the circumstances of his father’s death, the party were conducted to Princess Lena. It quickly became clear that all was not well.
Drax had been infusing himself with demon’s blood, using the palace’s women as sacrifices. The party eventually resolved to break them all out, using a secret passage revealed to them by one of the prisoners, a young girl, the daughter of the Emperor of Scoraxia, with a predilection for pyrotechnics. Knocking out the guards and escorting the prisoners out of the cells and down to the palace library. Entering a secret passage behind the bookshelf, they covered their escape by setting fire to the library, much to Vesuvian’s disgust.
Finding themselves in a totownhouse in the suburbs owned by ‘the man with the funny head’, the party began to make plans to escape the city.
Nev went to contact the criminal underworld and arranged for a set of empty water wagons to be found by the east gate, in exchange for arranging a meeting between two ‘friends’ of his contact and the group of Aelarians that had just arrived in the city.
Hesiah obtained a a bag of Scoraxian clothes for the escapees.
Terek talked to the princess, explaining the succession crisis, and the other two potential candidates. Although in Scoraxian eyes, she and Drax were married, Terek believes that he would not be able to apply a claim on Aelaris. He pledged House Artell’s support if she claimed the throne. She then explained that the great King Aelar was still alive, and in the library…


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