A Game of Dice

Session 12

The party let go any of the resucees who wished to remain in the city, and set out for the South gate. Failing to bluff their way past the guards, they were forced to attack and kill them all. Morthos and Ardik used this opportunity to flee, taking the Emperor’s sister with them, to Vesuvian’s fury.
Escaping from the city, the party resolved to march for the border to the South-west, across the desert. Leaving the road, Terek led the civilians ahead, as the others fell back as a rearguard.
The demonic spiky guard spotted them and attacked. Felling two, the party attempted to retreat, leaving Vallyn and Hesiah to hold off the next wave. Hesiah sent Vallyn to flee, and fought courageously, bringing down many of the attackers, before being knocked to the ground. When he awoke, the demons attempted to discover from him where the party had gone, but he fought on, and has not been seen since…
The survivors made it a week across the desert, and arrived in a small town (Linx?) from which they intend to cross the border into Dunmar.


hamsterpotter ImperatorAlpha

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