A Game of Dice

Session 17

Explosions both literal and metaphorical

Nev and Alara reach the tower on the east coast of Aelaria, to find that the local townspeople and refugees have pragmatically dealt with it and are using the tower as storage space, kind of like a demonic Big Yellow. Deciding that this seems fine, and that one tower is unlikely to pose much of a threat, they turn their attentions to getting something worthwhile out of the trip. They learn that some rare books were discovered in the tower, which they decide to take with them. The rarest is a Manual of Swiftness of Action, which they agree to read together. Having achieved… something, they decide to return to the group.
En route, they see a plume of black smoke billowing up from Northall. Worried that the rest of the party may have had something to do with it, they set down to find Shandra and Rhandi arguing over whether it was their fault. Before a straight answer can be wrangled out of them, Terek’s direwolf appears with a message for the wizards, and Nev follows it back towards the smouldering wreck of the fortifications.

Meanwhile, the party pick themselves up and put themselves out, to find fire everywhere. Vesuvion summons the tentacle-y void to extinguish the flames, which works surprisingly well. Within the ruins of the tower, the party finds a firey portal, which burns Vallyn when he sticks his hand into it. As Nia invokes the fury of the heavens and goes to town on the portal with her warhammer, the rest of the party manage to piece together a map of the invasion plan from the fragments of documents in the room. Nev arrives, and has this explained to him, not long before Nia finally (with a little magical assistance from Vallyn) smashes the portal. The party decides, based on the map, to attempt a strike at the fortress over the River Enjay, with the help of their remaining animated armours and the bandits Alara had set to harrassing the demonic supply lines. During the night, Nia dreams that she is visited by Armok, who praises her work against the demons, and grants her a divine necklace to aid her in her quest. Meanwhile, Vallyn is visited by the god of chaos, who wants to call in her favour – she would like him to retrieve an artefact from the demonic realm to which the portals lead. Having met up with Alara’s bandits (with the help of various woodland creatures), the party plans to go down the river, with the armoured folks in barrels, with the armours and bandits providing a distraction to allow the party to get inside the tower and find a way to destroy the fort. Unfortunately, in summoning the barrels, Vesuvion summons one made entirely of screaming rat heads, with makes Nia and Terek a little upset. Nia grabs Vesuvion, but is paralyzed by Terek’s magic, and agrees to deal with the fort before dealing with Vesuvion. The plan goes off mostly without a hitch, though requiring some application of magic from Terek to prevent discovery. The distraction attack is launched, and the party storms into the tower. Terek, Nev, and Alara go upstairs and find a store of alchemist’s fire that explains the explosion from the last fort. Downstairs, the rest of the party find a winged demon, dispatching it with relative ease once Terek, Demonslayer, comes downstairs and hits it with his hammer. The demon dispatched, Nia attempts to smash the portal, much to Vallyn’s dismay.


hamsterpotter JDStokes

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