A Game of Dice

Session 9.5

Vallyn's Wild Ride

Vallyn quickly discovered from Lina that this was not the world he had left. He was apparently king of Aelaria, and at war with Scoraxia and an army of demons. Scoraxians had conquered much of the Westfold, as well as Aelaris, while an army from Eastfold had breached the wall and taken control of much of the eastern part of Scoraxia, laying seige to Br’X.

Suspecting that this was more of the chaos god’s bullshittery, he decided not to do as she suggested and Wish his way out, and broke out of jail with Derek and Lina with an ease that suggested that this was indeed divine bluffing. While escaping, the group discovered that Morthos was also imprisoned in the dungeon, and with him created a huge prison break to cover their escape. Vallyn, however, wanted to try and recover the Cli Lyre before escaping. He snuck across the courtyard as escaping prisoners were gruesomely dispatched by fireballs, and made his way to the theatre, where he discovered the lyre in the centre of the stage, being played by the little god of chaos. Once again, she tried to entice him to Wish for the lyre, but he refused, and was suddenly confronted by the Emperor of Scoraxia, who, as it happened, was a pit fiend.

Vallyn fled the pit-Emperor-fiend back to the others, dodging fireballs as he went, and in order to escape Morthos cast fly on the group. Unfortunately, they were not fast enough to escape the pit fiend, and so landed in the city to try and escape. Despite their best efforts, the four found themselves trapped between a rock (pit fiend) and a hard place (the Scoraxian army). At this point, the small girl appeared once more. Vallyn, seeing no other option, gave in and asked to return to the temple, and his choice.

Smiling, the little girl returned Vallyn to the temple. She gave him the choice once again of the cards he had drawn, but refused him the choice of the Moon. Vallyn, unable to choose just one, struck a deal with the god – in return for a favour at a later date, he could choose two cards. As he was about to make his decision, the little girl told him that not everything he had seen in the vision was false – some of it represented events that may come to pass in the near future. Considering this, Vallyn took the Star and Knight, and left the temple, finding himself standing with the rest of the party, as well as a new friend – Thia Nightflower. (It seems that Derek had simply been an illusion conjured by the god, rather than a true knight summoned by the Deck.)


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