A Game of Dice

Wizard Business Session One


The Beginning

A dwarf, a teifling and a large wooden target practise dummy arrive at the wizards tower…

For a brief while there is some confusion, Shell – the wooden dummy – being the only one the residents of the wizard tower actually recognise. Serenity, the teifling, introduces herself, as does the dwarf, Oskar, and after some muttering they are let into the tower where they are met with a dishevelled woman – Rhandi Sprott – who appears to be the one who knows why they are here.

And that is to move a bunch of boxes to the library.

Serenity questions the Sprott relentlessly and they learn that the boxes are mostly empty and the only important one is the larger one which contains something important. The Paladin airs concern about entrusting such a job to complete strangers whole could surely just steal the relic and run off with it. She is calmed some what when she learns Shell is a member of the tower, but still questions the Sprott’s stupidity at entrusting this to them.

Once they are left alone, the party decide the it would be best to retrieve a cart to carry the boxes to the library which is a weeks journey away. They find a couple outside the tower and pick one with four wheels – one on each side – which is controlled by commands while touching a Crystal in the centre of the cart. They quickly decide Oskar will drive as he is the smallest and they can fit the boxes around him. Once they are done loading however, the carts apparent owner exits the tower and storms over asking them to leave his cart alone.

Oskar drives off.

Serenity is deeply apologetic and promises to reimburse the man with some gold when they return with his cart.

The Slime

By the time Shell and Serenity catch up with Oskar, the cart is well and truly stuck in some green goop that remains after the years of war that came before the uneasy peace between the Black tower and the Wizards Tower.

It takes some convincing, but Serenity steps in to the goop to try and push the cart out… and get stuck herself. Shell pulls her out after a few tries, but then they realise they have to go back in to attach some rope to the cart to pull it out. after much faffing to figure out how much rope they have (one length of 50ft between them which is cut to make 2) they finally get the cart free.

The trench

The next hurdle comes in the form of a 30 foot wide trench, which is about 50ft deep. It is Oskar’s bright idea to have the rope (now tied together again) tied to him and the other end to the cart as an ankor and have Shell throw him across to the other side. Serenity eventually agree’s, too tired to argue the stupidity of it and goes to pray. Shell throws Oskar an impressive distance but its not far enough and the dwarf just about manages to cast feather fall on himself before he smacks into the side of the trench.

The cart is clinging desperately to the edge of the trench while wolves at the bottom of the tench snap at Oskar’s feet. Shell pulls Serenity from their prayers and together they pull Oskar to the top of the canyon. At this point the cart has completely given up the ghost, the wheels falling off and breaking completely.

Convinced they can get no were further tonight they decide to camp, with watch order going: Serenity > Oskar > Shell.

The Night

During her shift Serenity is confronted with a Teifling lounging on the boxes they are transporting. Brief discussions go in circles, Serenity not getting much information from the creature and when she wakes the other two for back up she finds it gone. Confused she tells Oskar it is time for his watch and tells him to keep an eye out for a teifling.

In Oskar’s watch he sports a campfire on the other side of the gorge. Trying to get a better look doesn’t get him much so he turns his attention to the broken cart. While he pokes and prods, nothing is much to be done about fixing it. Returning to sleep, he passes on the information about the camp to Shell when they wake for their shift.

Again, not much is learnt on the shift and Shell sits in silence until the dawn breaks and the party wakes.

The Teifling and the Dwarf which don’t have a 7ft wooden mannequin with them

With a new day, the party make contact with the camp on the other side of the canyon. The party of two fly over the gap at the promise from Oskar that Serenity with pay them 50 gold pieces. Before the Paladin can protest, the pair are their and expecting payment to fly the three of them over. In the end Serenity pays the sorcerer 5 gp to lower his hood. Another Teifling – though not the one from the night before smirks at her and the group bicker back and forth about money and the create which the Teifling claims holds a powerful magical artifact. He wants it, the group refuses to give it up. Eventually the Teifling says he will fly one of them over and Oskar is flung to the other side of the trench.

The strange party of two depart – much to Serenities annoyance.

The Wolf

With Oskar on the other side, several plans are made and abandoned to get the rest of them over too. Eventually the party decide to throw the rope over, tie one end of the rope to a box and swing it over, Oskar using magic to stop it from breaking.

Naturally, this fails and the empty box breaks.

And a wolf grabs on to the end of the rope and tries to pull Oskar in.

And Oskar pulls the rope up, fishing the wolf out of the trench.

The dwarf wizard and the hungry wolf start to battle, Serenity and Shell helpless to do much of anything from the other side of the gap. While Oskar and the wolf engage in the longest game of dodge the other two have a small ice breaking conversation. Eventually The paladin prays to her goddess – Selune – for help though little responce is given as she expected to be the case. However, Oskar does finally mange to land some blows and the wolf is slain.

The goblins

A decision is made to leave the cart and empty boxes behind and walk towards the forest to find a way around the trench. It takes a while of walking for the tench to eventually narrow but it dose some way into the edge of the forest… where 5 goblins stand “hidden” behind branches clutched in their hands.

They declare they intend to steal the crate for their boss, but the party refuses to give it up and when their tricks fail to disuade the goblins a fight breaks out.

With both Serenity and Oskar badly injured and just avoiding death, Shell relinquishes the box to the goblins… who continue to attack anyway. Engranged Shell starts to fight, giving Oskar and Serentiy time to right themselves and join back in with the fight.

Eventually the fight is won, but not with out the box falling to the ground and crashing open with a blinding bright light which dies down to reveal a white, bright crystal.

From behind them, a voice familiar to Serenity from the night before speaks.

“Oh, you weren’t suppost to do that were you…”

To be continued….


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