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  • Morthos

    Morthos is a somewhat shady tiefling never seen too far from the company of his good friend (employee? employer?) Ardik the dwarf, and always seemingly up to something. He has a somewhat loose set of morals and never seems particularly phased by anything …

  • Ardik

    Ardik is usually not spotted far from the company of his friend (employer?) Morthos, and the pair seem to pull more strings between the two of them than their "bumbling double act" would often suggest. Ardik enjoys drinking ale and most dwarvish things, …

  • Yevelda

    Yevelda is one of two orcs who were spying on the party and beat up Vallyn for offering them insult before in turn having her partner in spying incinerated during an attack led by Vallyn (allegedly), fleeing and swearing vengeance on him.

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