Aelarian Families

House Artell
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House Caston

House Caston’s land extends from Parrot Bat across to Castmouth, across the middle of Aelaria, with the ruling bloodline seated in the city of Aelaris. Members of the King’s family are tasked as Lord of each of the two cities at either end of the Caston Vale.
Erchazar Caston, King of Aelaria, married first to Ela Greatwood, then to ??? Artell, then to Loraa Everly
Lina Caston, eldest daughter of Erchazar and Ela, sent to court Prince Thrax of the Scorax Empire
Alara Caston, second daughter of Erchazar and Ela, missing
? Caston, child of Erchazar and ?
Jeorge Caston, eldest son of Erchazar and Loraa, leader of the Aelaris Guard.
Jayne Caston, second son of Erchazar and Loraa, Lord of Castmouth
Danyyl Caston, third son of Erchazar and Loraa, Lord of Parrot Bay

House Greatwood

House Greatwood used to be seated in the city of Greenlook, until Ela Greatwood’s death and subsequent overrunning of the town by bandits.
Aelar Greatwood, the last remaining Greatwood, missing.

House Everly

The Everlys of Eastfold have domain over the land to the Northeast of Aelaria, encompassing both Northall and Easthall, and the vast tracts of land between the two, bordered by the hills that mark the edge of Caston Vale
Graeme Everly, Lord of Northall
Loraa Everly, Queen Consort of Aelaria, married to Erchazar Caston
Rebekah Everly, Lady of Easthall
Zowe Everly, married to John Grey

House Grey

House Grey’s dominion extends down the West Coast of Aelaria, from just south of Parrot Bay, having to deal with the many threats that the West Ralian sea brings.
John Grey, Lord of Silver Harbour, married to Zowe Everly
Elya Grey, sister of John Grey, ex-wife of Adrian Whitecastle

House Herreby

Little is known of House Herreby nor how they trekked through the mountains of south Aelaria to build the hold of Southwatch, but there they stay, allegedly watching the seas to the south for troubles.
Asteros Herreby, Lord of Southwatch
Maya Herreby, eldest daughter of Asteros Herreby
June Herreby, second daughter of Asteros Herreby
Julie Herreby, third daughter of Asteros Herreby
Augustus Herreby, only son of Asteros Herreby

House Sprott

What remains of House Prott resides in the Wizard’s Tower east of Greenlake Forest. Constantly at war with the Black Tower family of House Thran, and over ownership of the Lumber Camp set up between the two towers.
Ronold Sprott, Lord of the Wizard’s Tower
Rhandi Sprott, eldest daughter and only child of Ronold

House Thran

House Thran has residence of the Black Tower east of Greenlake Forest. Constantly at was with House Sprott in the Wizard’s Tower, and over ownership of the Lumber Camp set up between the two towers.
Shandra Thran, Lady of the Black Tower
Brant Thran, elder child of House Thran

House Snyden

House Snyden holds the town of Southaven in the Valley. Southern affairs are rarely of concern to Northerners, and it has long since been agreed there is nothing to fear from the South Seas, so Snyden are left to deal with the South as they see fit.
Lilia Snyden, Lady of Southaven

House Whitecastle

House Whitecastle used to hold the fortress of Wodfort, but were driven out by an Orcish incursion. Now the Whitecastles are scattered across Aelaria, serving Lords and the Crown without a hold to call their own.
Adrian Whitecastle, Lord of Wodfort, confined by illness to the walls of Aelaris Keep, ex-husband of Elya Grey
Edgar Whitecastle, eldest son of Adrian and Elya, head watchman of Fell watch
Cuthbert Whitecastle, son of Adrian and Elya, son of Edgar and ???
Julianne Whitecastle, eldest daughter of Adrian and Elya, Aelaris Ambassador to the Dwarves of Dunmar
Suzanna Whitecastle, second daughter of Adrian and Elya, chief negotiator at Lumber Camp
Petey Whitecastle, third son of Adrian and Elya, tasked with dealing with the bandits of Greenlake Forest
Jak Whitecastle, brother of Adrian, died in the invasion of Wodfort

The Dwarves of Dunmar

The Dwarves of Dunmar are a somewhat more friendly lot than their cousins on the Dwarven Isle of Pick, but far fewer in number. A lot of their stronghold in the stone of the mountains is populated by half-elves and humans from across Aelaria, and they have sworn allegiance to the crown of Aelaria, but still hold strong to their dwarven heritage. Their lands extend east to before the foothills, where Westfold begins.
Lane Dunmar, Dwarf-lord of Dunmar
Blodwen Dunmar, daughter of Lane

The Scorax Empire

Kar’thrax, Emperor of Scoraxia
Prince Emperor Drax, eldest son of Kar’thrax, was courting Lina Caston
Prince Thrax, second son of Kar’thrax
Prince Strax, third son of Kar’thrax

Aelarian Families

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