Following the demise of Emperor Drax and the end of the Second Scoraxian War, the party have retired to a pub in Aelaris. Megara is safely with her sister-in-law, Lina, and Alara has reunited (sort of) with the party. The crystals have been appeased, and Morthos and Ardik have a “week long headstart”.

In order to define the world well for future games, let me know what your characters are up to in the next few months to a year (or if you have longer plans and don’t plan to be adventuring any time soon, let me know those), and I’ll try and bring together what everyone is up to.

Terek Artell, Demonslayer

Twenty year plan: Terek’s long term plans are to rebuild the north into a peaceful, secure and prosperous region under his leadership. He will seek to maneuver in the court, aiming to become one of Queen Lena’s most trusted advisors, and use this to ensure the benefit of his lands.. He will advocate an armed readiness be kept on the Scoraxian border, and for the borderlands to be well supported by the inner provinces. He will further argue to maintain a policy of non-intervention in the present Scoraxian succession, keeping the true Empress hidden.

Plan for the next year: Use the goodwill of the court to invest in rebuilding Woodpig, the border defences and a new family seat. He will seek to be appointed to the Queen’s inner council and to restructure the feudal relationships in the North. (Placing the borderlands under experienced martial officers as minor nobility & seeking the post of warden of the North)

Vallyn Wildborn, Duellist with Dragons

Nevan Fairwright, Emperor-killer

Long-term plan: he doesn’t really have one, except to have decided that all this international politics and stuff isn’t really for him, and that maybe his friendship with Terek shouldn’t be continued into adulthood, or not as closely at least. He probably has some sort of idea in his mind that eventually he’ll move back to Fellwalk and be a respectable average sort of citizen, but if other stuff comes along to distract him, who knows. Speaking of which…

Short-term plan: Investigate banditry as a career option. Seeing as he knows someone who could probably put him in touch with some and all. Probably not tell anyone else in the party about this. But yeah, see whether any of Alara’s friends, whether in the Greatwood or elsewhere, would be willing to take on an apprentice for a bit. The plan is basically just to hang out in the woods for a year or so, honing his stealthy skillset into one that might actually make some regular money, while everybody else deals with all the empresses and armies and demons and stuff…

Vesuvion Xiloscient, Arcane Master

Nia Serensdottir, Last Heir of Koganusan

Alara Greatwood, Butterfly Princess


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