The Aelarian Succession Crisis

Aelarian succession appears to be effectively elective, with valid claimants adjudicated between by the Council of Lords. There is no preference given on the basis of gender. Valid claimants are the immediate offspring of the deceased monarch, with secondary claims belonging to the siblings of the deceased.
Spouses do not inherit the claims, as they are considered consorts, not monarchs (ie. a Queen’s husband does not become the ruler) This is a consequence of having no gender preference in selection.

In the present crisis, the claims belong to three individuals, with notional claim strength in this order):

  • Princess Lina (House Greatwood)
  • Princess .Alara (House Greatwood)
  • Prince Jeorge (House Everly)
  • Prince Jayne (House Everly)
  • Prince Danyyl (House Everly)

the reasoning for this is as follows:
1. King Erchazar was married three times. His first marriage, to Ela Greatwood gave two issue, Lina Caston and Alara Caston. This places them first in precedence by primogeniture.
2. King Erchazar married Saraya Artell, sister of Egros Artell and aunt to Terek. She died without bringing forth issue. No claims are inherited through consortial lines, so there are no claims resulting from this marriage.
3. King Erchazar married Loraa Caston. She brought forth Jeorge, Jayne and Danyyl Caston, who inherit claims in that order, due to primogeniture.

Barring disqualifications, the best claim to the throne is therefore held by Princess Lina Caston. However, due to the Elective succession from this set of claims, the houses could support another candidate over her.

Prince Drax’s claim: According to Princess Lina, she and Drax are married in Scoraxian eyes. Assuming such a marriage is valid in Aelarian law, he would then be her consort. If that is not the case, or if divorce exists (and happens), he has no claim to be consort. If consort, he would still not have any constitutional power, though issue from their union would inherit claims on both countries. This might be sufficient grounds to disqualify Lina from the succession.

House Artell: Has sworn to support Princes Lina’s claim, should she press it, for the reasons given above.

The lost King: the First King of Aelaria may still be alive. If this is so, and he has not previously abdicated, then he remains King, and all claims are null. Without a fuller family tree from him, I cannot reason out the succession from him, although if Erchazar was rightfully King according to theoretical succession, then the succesion would continue as before. If an usurper clause applies, then all who claimed the crown rather than Aelar are disqualified from sucession.

DM please check and confirm my reasoning

The Aelarian Succession Crisis

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