The Party

Terek Artell
Terek is the rightful heir to the Westfold, first and only child of Egros Artell. He believes that he has the divine right to rule over his people, and ought to use his power for the betterment of the people. With the help of his friends and retainers, he is seeking to restore his Earldom and indeed the kingdom to peace and prosperity.

Vallyn Wildborn
Vallyn is an old retainer of the Artell family, having been found in the wilderness of the Eastfold as a babe by Earl Terek Artell (the current Terek’s grandfather). He served as Earl Egros’ majordomo, and serves the family still by supporting Terek in his quests. He is overly inquisitive and confident, and sometimes gets into trouble as a result of his pride and arrogance.

“Uncle” Hesiah
Hesiah is something of a mystery. His life prior to settling in Fellwalk is mostly unknown, but he became firm friends with Earl Egros, and served as a tutor to the young Terek. He is certain that Terek has an important role to play in events to come, and hopes to be able to guide his charge through the trials that will await him.
Sadly, Hesiah was lost outside Scorx, sacrificing himself nobly to allow the others to escape.

Nevan Fairwright
Nev has been one of Terek’s best friends since they can remember. He comes from rather more humble beginnings, but carved out a comfortable life for himself in Fellwalk as a poacher and occasional criminal. Terek’s elders have never quite approved of Nevan, but his devotion to the young lord has endeared him to them since the destruction of Fellwalk and the death of Egros. He wants what is best for Terek, but also seeks to improve his own fiscal situation.

Vesuvion Xiloscient
Vesuvion was a student of magic, eagerly soaking up the knowledge of his master, until he was charged with carrying a dangerous book away from his tower. Unable to overcome his curiosity, Vesuvion opened the book, and his mind was seared by the ancient and alien secrets within. His mysterious patron has yet to reveal their true nature or intentions, if indeed they ever will. Unfortunately for some, this has not cured Vesuvion of his curiosity, and along with Vallyn he is somewhat prone to getting into trouble.

Thia Nightflower
Thia was a soldier in Southwatch, until one fateful patrol saw her company destroyed by a red dragon. The sole survivor of the attack, Thia felt unable to face her superiors back in Southwatch, and instead deserted, running into the mountains, vowing to grow strong enough to save those he fought alongside from such monsters. She eventually found a master to teach her, and trained with this man until, one day, she disappeared in a flash of light and found herself kneeling before Vallyn. She is certain that the fates brought her to serve Vallyn, and hopes that with this new master she will finally become strong enough to challenge the great beasts of this dangerous world.

The Party

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