The Ships

The Seapig

A sloop captained by Cpt. Jack Flint from the port of Southaven, crewed by reluctant crewmembers over to Corveza where it crashed into a dock, was fixed, recrewed and promptly smashed in two by Cpt. Lausa of the Horny Tiefling.

The Horny Tiefling

A larger dark blue corvette covered in spider webs and with webby sails, this grew out of a tiny boat that Lausa dropped into a cup of beer because a Drow Priestess told her to do it. It’s hers now and was set to sea on a magical flood before plowing through the Seapig to open water.

The Scarlet Fiend

A Ship of the Line with red sails. Indomitable, unmatched, this ship is a terror of the seas. The only problem is that the captains are very short lived and the captain’s hat is cursed never to leave the head of them that wear it. Has two sides of alchemist’s fire launchers. Currently captained by Cpt. Lumpy who has already survived one assassination attempt.

The Ships

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