Welcome to a Game of Dice

The name of the game has relatively little to do with the game of course, except in that there’s a little bit of a Game of Thrones air to the politics end of the game and it involves Dice because it’s D&D. The Adventure Log is worth looking at for details, but I thought I’d give my own DM summary of each week thus far here:

A Song of Dice and Fire — the tale of the Artell Party: Terek Artell, Nevan Fairwright, “Uncle” Hesiah (deceased), Vallyn Wildborn, Vesuvion Xiloscient, Nia Serensdottir, and Thia Nightflower.

And a Bottle of Rum — the tale of the Escapees from Southaven Prison: Jack Flint, Jaryk Ingmar, Lausa, Akta, Nala and Lumpensnuff Snorklefrax “Lumpy” Glitterfly

Wizard Business — .