Terek Artell

Human Noble Paladin 7/Fighter 1


Terek Artell
Paladin 7, Human Noble
Titles: Earl of the Westfold, Baron of Fellwalk, [King in the North, King of Dunmar]

STR 19 +4
DEX 16 +3
CON 12 +1
INT 10 +0
WIS 16 +3
CHA 19 +4

Proficiency Bonus: +3
AC: 20 (Armour & ‘Shield’ & Fighting Style)
66HP, 8d10HD
Passive Wisdom: 13
30’ Movement


Hammer of Fellwatch +8/ +8 1d10b+3b+1d8cold Versatile, Frost Band
Rapier +6/ +6 1d8p+3p
Chancellor’s Mace: +6/ +6 1d6b+3b


Spells Prepared 6
Save: 15
Attack +7
Slots L1 4
Slots L2 3

Divine Sense: 1+CHA uses, can detect andy celestial, fiend or undead within 60’ that is not in total cover. Identifies type but not identity. Can also detect consecrated or desecrated places.
Lay on Hands: Pool of healing points 35HP. Can cure diseases or poisons with 5 points.
Position of Privilege: Welcome in the homes of the wealthy, and the common folk treat me with respect.
Fighting Style: Defence: 1 AC when wearing Armour
Divine Smite: Can expend spell slots for \
2d8 radiant damage 1d8 for each level of slot above to max 5d8. Bonus 1d8 vs Fiend & Undead.
Immunity: Disease (Divine Health)
Channel Divinity: Single use per long rest. Abjure enemy, Vow of Enmity
Oath Spells: You gain additional prepared spells: Bane, Hunter’s Mark, Hold Person, Misty Step
Aura of Protection: Grants all allies within 10’ +4 to saving throws
Relentless Avenger: On hitting with an attack of Opportunity, can immediately move up to half base without provoking AoO.
Great Weapon Fighting: When wielding 2h melee, reroll once any 1 or 2 results on damage dice
Second Wind: As a bonus action, one per short rest, can regain 1d10
Damage Resistance: Force, Fire
Broach of Shielding: Resistance to Force, Immunity to magic missile
Frost Band: Resistance to Fire. Can extinguish non-magical fire within 10’. +2 weapon dealing +1d8 cold

Stealth Disadvantage when wearing plate armour


  • Simple and Martial Weapons
  • All Armour and Shields,
  • WIS & CHA Saves,
  • History, Persuasion, Insight, Religion, Knowledge (Swallows)
  • Common, Elvish, Dwarven, Scoraxian
  • Chess


  • Fine Clothes
  • +1 Commander’s Plate
  • Scoraxian Spiky Plate
  • Artell Signet
  • Letters Patent
  • 25gp
  • Chain Mail
  • Holy Symbol of Tyr the Even-Handed
  • Rapier
  • Parrying Dagger [Shield]
  • Chancellor’s Mace
  • Earl-Marshal Artell’s glass eye
  • Backpack
  • Bedroll
  • Mess Kit
  • Tinderbox
  • 10 torches
  • 10 days of rations
  • Waterskin
  • 50’ hempen rope
  • Wolf Head
  • Goblin Crown
  • 5 Magic Gems (Party) (+1 STR/DEX/INT/WIS/CHA)
  • Set of Scoraxian Statues (1st era)
  • Artell cloak
  • The crowns of his kingdoms
  • The Crowns of the Dwarves
  • The Crown of the King in the North
  • Maps of Scoraxia: Scorx, the Gate, the Trench, the Wall, the tunnels of Dunbar
  • Chess Set
  • Broach of Shielding
  • Hammer of Fellwatch
  • Bracers of Ogre Strength

Traits: I am acutely aware of my position and responsibilities towards my untitled inferiors.
I revel in following the intrigue of the realm, and seeking to squeeze advantage for my holdings.
Ideals: It is my duty to govern and guard those who are my vassals, and to protect the realm even at the expense of my own life.
Flaws: I have been born with innate privileges as a result of my family’s status, and these privileges must be exerted for them to be maintained.
I am overconfident in my own abilities and superiority.
I must live up to the reputation of my namesake, whom I admire.
Bonds: My father has been killed and must be avenged, and those who sought to strike at us must be obliterated.
Though my titles are occupied by another, I still have duties towards my liege and towards my rightful subjects – and so do they to their rightful liege.
Named for his grandfather, the renowned diplomat, Terek feels he has much to live up to in his family’s long history of service. His father, a more straightforward noble failed to achieve great success in the royal court. Terek has great respect for his father’s ability to lead troops, but has vowed to be a better politician – and not to fall into the same traps.
Trained from an early age in arms and leadership, Terek has great confidence in his own abilities, perhaps to his downfall. He’s also learnt the duties expected of a noble in exchange for the privileges of their position, and feels to pressure to live up to the expectations of his peers. In the midst of those expectations, the only time he truly felt comfortable was when he managed to escape the estate – and his tutors’ watchful eyes – to spend the day with Nevan, a loyal friend.
In more recent years, the tutelage has become harder, and he has grown more distant from the people of the region. He has been left with a strong sense of noblesse oblige, and of maintaining the constitutional settlements that establish both his privileges and his responsibilities.
He has inherited two treasured possessions from his grandfather – the Chancellor’s Mace, a ceremonial token of office, and his glass eye, which he treats as a lucky charm.
Taking the Oath:
After the killing of the Orc by the three elves, Terek went to the chapel of his townhouse. Examining his conscience, he found he could not excuse their actions. He has sworn himself to uphold the realm and the law, by whatever means are necessary, taking on the aspect of the political pragmatist. He has taken the Oath of Vengeance.

Terek Artell

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