A Song of Dice and Fire

A Song of Dice and Fire

This being the first three terms of A Game of Dice, this details the GM’s summary of each session as they come:

Term the First – A Song of Wolves and Zombies

  • Week 1: Our brave adventurers, Terek Artell the Paladin, Uncle Hesiah the Monk, Vallyn Wildborn the Bard, and Nevan Fairwright the Rogue, having fled an attack by wolves on their home fight off a zombie apocalypse and accidentally torch a quarter of a city.
  • Week 2: Our brave adventurers venture off to find the source of the zombies and end up killing off Terek while ending a zombie apocalypse.
  • Week 3: Our brave adventurers, with the newly resurrected Terek, meet Vesuvion the Warlock and team up with the troublesome duo Morthos and Ardik in investigating the strange towers that seemed to be related to the zombies.
  • Week 4: With the king dead, our brave adventurers travel to the capital to do some serious politicking while Vallyn gets his revenge on some Orcs he insulted.
  • Week 5: No session – our brave DM works out how to deal with Terek having just arrested half the party for murder.
  • Week 6: With Terek having arrested half the party for murder, investigations begin in earnest with evidence and lies being passed back and forth urgently until eventually Vesuvion, Vallyn and Morthos are found cleared of charges and the party (leaving Morthos and Ardik behind) head off to look for bandits but find more than they bargained for with the bandit leader.
  • Week 7: Our brave adventurers split up into teams – while Terek and Vallyn stick with the Bandit Queen to discuss important matters, Vesuvion and Hesiah head off (with Nev to start with) to deal with a goblin threat to the bandits. One owl-bear attack later, they bravely flee home and swap Nev for Vallyn to go and search for a mysterious entity in the Greatwood Lake to help deal with the goblins.
  • Week 8: Reunited at last, our brave adventurers take on the Goblin problem resulting in another dead owlbear, Terek becoming King of the Goblins and the discovery of a disturbing room full of portals leading out atop a tower in Scoraxia

Term the Second – A Sass of Kings

  • Week 9: Our brave adventurers descend the tower in Scoraxia, acquiring a big book and a pile of loot before freeing a fridge-dragon, descending into the depths and facing the terrifying Beholder: Norlem, seer of all things!
  • Week 10: Our brave adventurers, having learned their lesson about sassing beings of untold power, follow the tunnel out of Scorax City and head to find a cure for Vesuvion’s unfortunate half-petrification only to come across a temple of temptation and play a game with a god.
  • Week 11a: Vallyn learns to be careful what he wishes for.
  • Week 11b: Our brave adventurers venture forth and save the Emperor from a terrible threat to his life. They then proceed to kill the Emperor.
  • Week 12: Our brave adventurers rescue the Princess.
  • Week 13: Our brave adventurers put aside their differences with Morthos and Ardik and make to flee the city of Scorx with the rescued women from the palace. An altercation at the gate however leaves them running through the desert pursued by a small army, stopped when Hesiah sacrifices himself so the others can escape.
  • Week 14: Our brave adventurers make their way into the mountain tunnels of the Dwarves, where they are joined by Nia Serensdottir who, sceptical though she is, reluctantly joins the Artell Party as they navigate the dangers of the Dunmar tunnels and head to the Dwarven capital.
  • Week 15: Our brave adventurers convince the Dwarves to lend their assistance with the war against the marching Scoraxian Demon Army before teleporting across the land and taking on some Demon Scouts. Terek considers a career in Demon-slaying.
  • Week 16: With Vallyn’s teleportation a little more on track than before, our brave adventurers land in Aelaris and return Lina to her rightful position on the throne, let those organising the war effort know the key strategic information they’ve acquired before splitting into two with Vallyn, Vesuvion, Nev and Thia heading to Fellwalk to find a way back into the Scoraxian Portal room, making new “friends” along the way.
  • Week 17: The party is reunited along with Alara, Rhandi Sprott and Shandra Thran in the Scorax City portal room, where they begin to amass the army of animated armours using the control book previously found. They elect to head out of the Everly Portal, and while waiting for the army to follow through go to clear out Gargoyles from the tower, search for epic loot and fend off another squad of demons. With the tower erased from existence safely, Nev and Alara depart to deal with the third and final tower while the others march north to Northall where they find more than the expected… with explosive consequences.

Term the Third – A Storm of Demons

  • Week 18: Alara and Nev return from the third tower with a book of extreme power while everyone else picks themselves off the ground and investigates the ruins of Northall, before heading south to take out an essential point in the demon-army infrastructure.
  • Week 19: Team Elf investigate the hell-scape on the other side of the portal in a Scoraxian fort, while Nia readies herself to destroy the portal. Vallyn attempts to steal the crown of a demon-king before they rejoin back in Aelaria where they destroy the portal and hold out against a small army of Scoraxian soldiers attempting to break back into their own fort. Numerous tentacles later, they explode the whole thing, teleport to Woodpig and run for their lives back to the Aelarian lives where they meet with Elaine Whitecastle to discuss the next course of action. They decide on one simple thing: assassinate Emperor Drax.
  • Week 20: Our brave adventurers teleport into the heart of the Scoraxian palace, and while they prepare to attack, Vallyn, Thia, Nev and Vesuvion go exploring. Vallyn and Thia find a pair of dragons, and Thia exacts vengeance for her platoon by murdering, before being nearly incinerated by its brother. Vallyn tricks it into thinking the murder was undone, and the dragon takes Thia to “meet Bahamut” as the rest return to the others for the final night’s preparation, only broken by a familiar creepy figure in the doorway…
  • Week 21: Our brave adventurers charge with a battlecry into the Scoraxian palace, tearing through guards, but when they enter a room that challenges them from inside their minds, Nia falls to her mother’s will and teleports herself back on. Now down to 4, the party pushes on into the bowels of the castle until they discover the Inner Sanctum of Emperor Drax.
  • Week 22: Our brave adventurers finally engage Emperor Drax in combat, turning him into a bunny as a hostage until he escapes, before Nev kills him with a final arrow as he attempts to flee the Aelarian Camp. With the Scoraxian Emperor dead, secrets come out (with the help of Athraxa, the friendly neighbourhood chaos god), crystals are reunited, and that loose end with Morthos and Ardik is tied up before the adventurers return to Aelaris where they head to the pub and raise glasses: “to Hesiah!”

A Song of Dice and Fire

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