And a Bottle of Rum

This being the game for the Summer — to be updated with GM logs. Looking for character generation? See Main Page

Session 1 — our “brave heroes”, imprisoned for a crime they most certainly did commit, break out of prison (murdering their way through many a guard), steal a ship and head out to the open seas for adventure, discussions about the composition of tar, and confusingly barren treasure chest.

Session 2 — our “brave” “heroes” discover a stowaway and accost a pair of Drow smugglers over their goods, steal the stuff and debate about hiring.

Session 3 — our brave “heroes” go to the pirate haven of Corveza, get drunk, play cards, see fish, flirt with fish, kill and then revive a party member while acquiring increasingly large ships.

Session 4 — our… protagonists wreck Corveza with an enormous flood, acquire a crew and engage in a daring sea battle with a Hydra.

Session 5 — our… um… ok, the party heads to an island where the crew is to be sacrificed to a Volcano God, impersonate said Volcano God and in doing so irritate said Volcano God to the point of causing a Volcanic Storm preventing their leaving. The party determine the only way to leave is to go Into The Woods.

And a Bottle of Rum

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